Educating our Children

Many people treat education with the highest regard. They say that it is a long term investment for your future. Some people would even say that education gives you an edge and a sense of security in the long run.

But what they don’t tell you are the reasons why it is really important for people to get educated and why people would do anything it takes to acquire this. First, a lot of people would say, that it helps them to get ahead in the work force someday.

In addition to that, getting the best education means more opportunities to upgrade from your current position. Second, it gives people a sense of accomplishment. When you are old and gray, you would definitely want to look back and keep track of your educational attainment.

You would want to relish all the things that you’ve accomplished during your stay in school. It would certainly make you proud someday. Along with the feeling of satisfaction is the fulfillment of your dreams, the knowledge that you have gained and the character that you developed over the years.

Third, it gives you a chance to Upgrade Yourself. After all, the best investment is your knowledge. Knowledge gives you wisdom, and it would most certainly take you to different places. The fourth reason why people give importance to education is a chance to have a better society. If people were more educated, they would become more civilized.

Education hones a person’s mind to excel and produce brilliant individuals who could make a better contribution in developing the society. Furthermore, being an educated and a well mannered person makes you a role model who is worth emulating for. Young and old people would treat you with respect.

And because you’ll be a contributor of knowledge and expertise in the society, you will be a source of inspiration and hope for the next generation. Being educated not only helps yourself but also other people as well.

Those are the compelling reasons behind why the faculty and staff in our school would do everything they can to provide holistic and high quality education for their students. Aside from providing academic excellence, they also hone their students to become professionals in different aspects of learning like the athletics and other extracurricular activities.

One of the main activities that our school does is organizing athletic events like the little league baseball meets. The school would gather players from other schools and different sponsors for that event. It’s quite a surprise that many companies have a great compassion in contributing for the better development of the students especially in the area of sports.

One of the many notable sponsors is Dependable Carpet Cleaning. They are true to what their name stands for. Aside from being a reliable company that provides Spokane Carpet Cleaning, they have been a big help in making the little league meet an astounding success through their donations of our player’s uniforms, food and refreshments and others.

They firmly adhere to their corporate social responsibility and advocate for helping the betterment of education for the youth. Dependable Carpet Cleaning is a company that the Little League players and everyone can truly depend on.

If you would like to help our Little League Baseball Teams out please contact us.

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5 Reasons Why Education Is Important

5 Reasons Why Education Is Important

A lot of people will tell you that education is important. However, they do not say why education is important. This is particularly important to say to people all are yet to grow through an educational system, and here are the most important reasons why education is important.

  1. Getting A Better Job

If you would like to get a better job someday, it is important that you educate yourself for the position that you aspire to get to someday. In addition to that, if you are not satisfied with your current job, were your current career, you can always educate yourself in order to get a better job. I would also like to point out that sometimes you don’t have to go through a lot of education in order to get the position you want. Sometimes you can make a difference if you just roll yourself in a new course that will allow you to get you qualifications and a completely new set of skills.

  1. Being Accomplished

Being accomplished is one of the reasons why education is important and why people pursue their education. If you would like to feel more accomplished, more satisfied with your life, perhaps you should enroll yourself in the University, or at least a course, that will allow you to learn new things and improve yourself. In addition to that, if you constantly seek ways to learn more and better yourself, you will become much more satisfied person, and you will build not only your knowledge, but also your character and your personality by doing so.

  1. Bettering Yourself

That being said, it’s always better to invest in yourself and in your knowledge, as a way to better yourself. A lot of people are interested in investing in something, but they did not know that their main investment are they themselves. Therefore, if you are looking for something in which you will invest your resources, such as your time, effort and money, it is advisable that you in the best all the things in learning and bettering yourself. What better way to better yourself than to go back to school to further educate yourself?

  1. Bettering Society

By becoming the best version of yourself, you are also contributing to the entire society. If you become a highly respected individual, you will also become a role model or a lot of younger people are looking up to you and pursue an education or a career. In this way you are inspiring gatherings, but you will also contribute to society by helping others and using your knowledge.

  1. Helping Others

That being said, society always profits from having specialized individuals are good at what they do. This will provide you with the necessary knowledge you need in order to help others and to provide them with your services. Therefore, if your ultimate goal is to help others, become the best version of yourself, by further educating yourself and going back to school.

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